Tuesday, July 28, 2009

love, cancer, etc.: 6.25.09 - radiation #28 - boost #2 of 7

love, cancer, etc.: 6.25.09 - radiation #28 - boost #2 of 7

I wish I could read all the "smartie pants" comments I wrote in on that darn card D is posting here!
Deborah has a sense of humor that inspired me in many ways.
Deborah's unconditional friendship allowed me to take one of those "snippy", "snappy", "nasty"...dare I say "disgusting" comments and jokes that had floated around in my head....Her open acceptance and incredible desire and ability to see the absurd in our situations were a gift to me.
She became that person that I could share the most offensive absurdities AND then we would role play them out...what if I said this? What if I had said this? What if I did this?.......She gave me permission as my new friend to laugh at things that were now scary. She gave me permission to just be me...now...who am I now? What a gift Ms Deborah is to my life!

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  1. The comment above is from my dear friend
    She is healthy and "kick'in life" everyday with the amazing perspective and energy....and humor that is so uniquely Deborah!
    Check out her blog and amazing photographs that so honestly and boldly shared her experience in kicking cancer's a_ _!